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Sunday, February 05, 2006


I have reached an interesting milestone in my knitting obsession. I realized this week that I have more projects on the needles than ever, and more projects-in-waiting than I could accomplish in the next six months.

My knitting plans began as very short term, minor time investment items. A scarf, a hat, mittens for children, socks on a deadline. But somewhere in the last year, I have been accumulating yarn I know I won't be able to knit anytime soon, and I keep buying more. It doesn't make any sense.

I blame this on knitting books. So many worthy designs, so many great ideas or starting points or inspiration, that my dreamlist gets longer and longer. I dream sweaters and shawls and socks now, awake or asleep. The yarn manufacturers are to blame too. When one comes across a great yarn, don't leave it lonely in the store! Bring it into the enfolding welcome of your stash, where it can wait in peace and security until you know what it wants to be knit into. Right?

The projects I tried and ripped out have grown too. I used to be a faithful knitter, staying with the project to the bitter end, only to hate the result. (I know that you, too, have done this. I saw that awful scarf hidden in your closet.) But as my competency has increased, I am more discriminating about what I will complete and what I will rip. Ripping can be very theraputic. With ripping your misbehaving knitting, you get a sense of really resolving the issue, something that never happens in romantic relationships. I can only hope that my so-far failed love life can benefit from this maturity.

So here, for your amusement, is a list of my projects-in-process as of today:

Socks for myself, second of the pair
Socks for myself, the first of the pair
Socks for my father, the first of the pair
Cardigan, the back in the middle of the armhole decreases
Mobius, somewherebefore half done
Shawl, less than half
Shawl, less than an eighth

Projects I have yarn, needles, and pattern for:
cabled vest
lace scarf for a friend
baby surprise jacket
lace scarf for me
lace shawl for me
another lace shawl
philosopher's wool sweater kit
any number of socks (I love to knit socks, and I love love love sock yarn)

And last and not least
Fair Isle hat and mittens for my Olympic Knitting

So, anyone else out there have more yarn than they can knit?


At 12:06 PM, Blogger Carrie K said...

Welcome to my world, clarelight. More yarn that I could probably knit in a lifetime but think that will stop me from buying more?

Not a chance.

I've on the least 6 projects. Good grief.

At 4:37 AM, Anonymous Shelley said...

Don't feel badly. I have been knitting since the 4th grade (and that was a long time ago). I have tons of yarn and so does everyone I know who really knits. It seems like the more you knit, the more you buy. You mind is expanding to the endless possibilities. I do the same thing when I read alot, buy books like crazy. As my husband once said, "At least you're not buying drugs."

At 10:43 AM, Blogger Clare said...

hey clarelight, clare here. i'm in the olympics too. i'm in way over my head. and yeah, lots of projects in my head. and lots of yarn everywhere. it's good tho!


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