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Thursday, February 09, 2006


First of all, the opera was amazing. I saw Portland Opera's production of Verdi's MacBeth, and it was pretty damn cool. The stage settings were all projected images onto the stage and scrims, and it was really, really well done. The costumes were fabulous, and the music divine. My only issue was with Lady MacBeth, her mid-range was a little spotty. But wow, what a show.

The camera figuring-out is coming along. I haven't had time to load the software onto my laptop, so that is on the list for this weekend (between my Olympic knitting stunt). I also plan to do some time on making the blog look like someone is using it and knows what she's doing. Look for buttons and links in the near future. Plus pictures of yarn, and cute animals. With three dogs and a cat, there is cuteness galore at my place.

Tonight is Knit Nite at The Naked Sheep in North Portland, on Killingsworth. I'll be there, won't you? The shop is open 'til 9pm tonight. There will be yarn, cool knitters, and shop dog Riley, who I'll try to get a picture of for you.

In the meantime, take care and get all warmed up for the upcoming Knitting for the Gold! I have all my supplies in a tote bag to take with me, and a camera to capture the action, what more do I need?

Well, since you're asking, coffee and chocolate!


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